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...He fell hopelessly in love with the Caribbean...

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  Born in 1944 in Nijmegen he grew up in a village near the university town of Leiden. Always curious about his world he started traveling when he was two years of age, that means as soon as he could walk. He often hitchhiked through the country instead of going to school and at age 18 he worked on a cruise ship that took him to the USA and around the world. After that he went to the south of France and North Africa where he learned to speak good French. 

His first marriage with a redhead Swedish girl took him to the north where he studied small mechanics and Swedish.   With his wife and her blond sister he traveled to south Europe, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

Back in Amsterdam, after his wife took off with another, he worked the Vaudeville Theater of the Magic Bus, touring with tourists and international artists. He worked in an art gallery and started his own antique and art shop in the heart of Amsterdam. He took care of the old and ailing founder of one of the Dutch radio stations. After the old man died he went to Greece where he became a yacht skipper. He bought his own 36-foot yacht in 1978 and made a side trip to India and Sri Lanka in 1980. Sailing the Red Sea he met his second wife from the war torn land of Israel. He took her along on his sailing west, through and out of the Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic after having visited the pyramids in Egypt. He arrived in the Caribbean in 1986 and sailed all the islands from Curacao to St. Thomas. He went ashore in 1989 in Marigot, French Saint Martin. 

Becoming a goldsmith

He sold the boat when his wife took off with a younger South American and became apprentice at the workshop of French master goldsmith M. Robbe. Soon he became repair goldsmith and thereafter started for himself. Then took a trip to Indonesia and Bali to learn other ways of gold and silversmithing in 1990.   After the mother of all hurricanes LUIS hit St. Maarten/ St. Martin in September 1995 he moved to the Dutch side where he makes jewelry for meditation and hobby. He has studied spirituality, magic, religion and mystic for most of his life and believes that the Atlantis ring is the very best and easiest protective item available today. He is the only person on the island to use the lost-wax method to create jewelry. He fell hopelessly in love with the Caribbean. He will try to accommodate your every wish in connection with the mystical Atlantis ring.