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18 Victims
The Other Victims
The Curses
Is the Curse Real?
Collision of Curses
Howard Carter
Lord Carnarvon

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Fallout from the rumors of the curse continued for years, as did the string of mysterious deaths.

As accounts of the deaths circulated, hysteria spread. In England, hundreds of people shipped everything they had that was even remotely Egyptian to the British Museum—including an arm from a mummy.

The popularity of the curse legend led to a series of classic horror films: "The Mummy" (1932), starring Boris Karloff, and "The Mummy's Hand" (1940) and three sequels starring Lon Chaney, — "The Mummy's Tomb" (1942), "The Mummy's Ghost" and "The Mummy's Curse" (both 1944).

In total the tragic list would be composed of 18 names. Eighteen people who had been involved, in one way or another, in the violation of the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon. Besides these victims there were several others who were indirectly victims, who had never personally set foot in the mausoleum, but who were members of the families of one of the violators or who had touched a sacred object from the tomb. Example, in 1939, in celebration of the Muslim New Year, the Egyptian National Radio wanted its listeners to hear the war trumpets of Tut Ankh Amon. The Museum of Cairo consented to lend these precious instruments, which had been in their care for sixteen years. The car, which transported them from the Museum to the Radio station, was involved in an accident and the driver was killed. The trumpets were undamaged. A few minutes later the musician who was about to play one of them fell dead, in front of the microphone.

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