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Free printable Ring sizer

Ring Sizer, put it around your finger to measure your ring size

There are two ways to measure your ring size:

1 - Printable Ring sizer

In order to print out this free ring sizer above, be sure that your printer is set to 100%. In other words, make sure that you have not reduced the print size in 'page set up.' You can verify that the printable ring sizer printed correctly by measuring the ring sizer with a ruler; it should measure from left to right: 3 1/2 inches.

Once you have printed the free ring sizer, follow these directions to find your ring size:

Wrap a piece of loose string around your finger. Be sure to allow for the size of your knuckle.

With a pen, mark the point on the string where the end meets.

Using the chart, place the end of the string on the left hand border next to the word, 'Son,' and stretch along the sizer toward the numbers.

The pen mark will indicate your ring size.

2- Ring Measurement with a paper strip

To measure your ring size you need the following equipment:

  •  scissors
  •  ruler preferable in millimeters
  •  sheet of paper
  •  pen
  •  tape

To measure your finger make sure you are in a room at room temperature. Different temperature make your fingers thicker or thinner. Keep also in mind that there are days that your body hold more water then other days, which make your fingers swell a little. Also during the day there can be a difference in finger size. If you notice that you finger size varies slightly, make sure you take the measurement at the right time. 

Take the sheet of paper and cut it to 3 cm by 10 cm. Take the strip of paper and fold it so it becomes 1cm X 10 cm. Take the folded paper and pull it a few time over an edge of a table so it becomes more flexible

Now wrap the piece of paper around the base of your finger, on which you want to wear the ring. Mark with a pen where the paper end overlaps. Now take the piece of paper of your finger and cut it about 1 cm longer then where you marked the paper with the pen. Take the tape and make a ring out it.  Try the paper ring on the same finger and see if it comes on and off easily.

If the  ring fits correctly cut the ring in two and measure the length of the paper in millimeters. Use the following table to convert length to the American ring size.

Measured Size
United States size
44.2 mm
44.8 mm
3 1/4
45.5 mm
3 1/2
46.1 mm
3 3/4
46.6 mm
47.3 mm
4 1/4
48.0 mm
4 1/2
48.6 mm
4 3/4
48.8 mm
4 7/8
49.3 mm
49.9 mm
5 1/4
50.6 mm
5 1/2
51.2 mm
5 3/4
51.8 mm
52.5 mm
6 1/4
53.1 mm
6 1/2
53.8 mm
6 3/4
54.3 mm
55.0 mm
7 1/4
55.7 mm
7 1/2
56.3 mm
7 3/4
56.9 mm
57.5 mm
8 1/4
58.1 mm
8 1/2
58.9 mm
8 3/4
59.5 mm
60.1 mm
9 1/4
60.8 mm
9 1/2
61.4 mm
9 3/4
62.2 mm
62.7 mm
10 1/4
63.5 mm
10 1/2
64.1 mm
10 3/4
64.7 mm
65.2 mm
11 1/4
65.9 mm
11 1/2
66.5 mm
11 3/4
67.2 mm
67.9 mm
12 1/4
68.5 mm
12 1/2
69.1 mm
12 3/4
70.3 mm
13 1/4
71.6 mm
13 3/4
72.9 mm
14 1/4



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