The Design of the Atlantis Ring

...two triangles symbolize the two lost continents Atlantis and Lemuria.

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May 20: Letter received from customer: Beautiful!!! We received the rings last week and we just love them. read more

May 12: Letter received from customer: "I ordered the atlantis ring about two weeks ago and I received it on Friday 5 of May, 2006. I must say that this ring is extremely poweful. The very moment I put it on I could feel the cleansing effects. From the first night I went to bed and every night after words I have been having a lot of clairvoyant dreams. read more..."

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NEW: Click  here to read about the fabrication of the ring.

What is the right form?

When I started making the Atlantis ring, I only had a model and I didn’t know if it was well constructed. Even comparing it with the original photograph I could not be sure.


Then I met a homeopathic doctor from New York, who was vacationing in the Caribbean. She does channeling with invisible intelligences that tell her all things that can be told. Through her contacts with the Higher Forces she discovered  a mineral that has enormous healing powers when in homeopathic solutions applied to all sorts of disorders. She took an Atlantis ring with her and answered my questions through channeling.

Q: Is the construction right?

A.: Yes it is good. However, the little lines emerging from the small holes may each go a different direction that is better.   (I had them go the same direction.)

Q: How did the ring come to us? Who made the first one?

A.: A stone worker in the time of Pharaoh Amenhotep got the inspiration telepathically from the Atlantean intelligences that where in those days still strong. He made it from sandstone. Through its amazing powers it ended up in the possession of the high priest Jua (or Jus) who took it with him in his grave. The Atlantean intelligence knew that the ring would be found in our era and so the knowledge about Atlantis would be revived.

She further told that the small pyramids represent the ones in Egypt, Africa on one side and the ones in South America on the other side, connected by the three lines that represent the Atlantic Ocean. The two triangles symbolize the two lost continents Atlantis and Lemuria.

The longer the three lines, the stronger the workings, she continued, but the total of the pattern, from hole to hole should not be more than half of the object (ring, bracelet), Also a bracelet can be made with the same pattern and when quartz crystals are put in the triangles it will enhance the working.

Here on Sint Maarten we will produce bracelets that will be numbered and no more than there are millions of people on the planet. You can be sure that if you buy one, you will be one in a million. The items we fabricate can be in any karat gold content, silver and copper alloy. Our favorite is Electrum, a mixture of equal parts by weight of pure gold and silver. That is 12 karat and has a wonderful light golden shine. Electrum keeps its name even when it is made with more gold in order to raise its gold content. Other alloys like 18 or 14 K contain Gold, silver and copper, the metals that belong to the Sun, the Moon and Venus.

Last but not least; our fabrication of the metal items is only done in the two weeks before full moon. Based upon the ancient knowledge that positive things should be done in the time of a waxing moon, like sowing seeds in the field, we adhere to this practice. The molten metal solidifies in the mold at the moment the moon is rising.

A last observation; the photograph of the sandstone ring shows almost flat square and lines, very well worn. My own ring which started with pointed pyramids and pointed triangular lines looks after 8 years wearing just like the one on the picture, worn smooth, and flattened. However, I feel it always has the same powers.