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May 20:  Beautiful!!! We received the rings last week and we just love them. read more

May 12:  "... I must say that this ring is extremely poweful. ..read more..."

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 Gold 18K Wedding Ring

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Atlantis Ring - the ultimate wedding ring - We will cast the two Atlantis wedding rings in the same mold, from the same metal at the same time, so they are actually one at the moment of their creation. It symbolizes the bond two people share, the solid, enduring, endless bond that connects them even when they're apart.

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Atlantis Ring - the ultimate immunity and protection Amulet/Talisman The Atlantis ring gives personal protection and immunity against all mishap. Like a good luck charm, a talisman, an amulet against bad luck, accidents, and spells. It augments intuitive powers, spirituality. Like Reiki it works with invisible forces that brings the human energy field in harmony. It is ancient New Age product. Atlantis Symbolic Jewelry is available in gold, sterling silver and Electrum.