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Was the curse of King Tut for real? Many prominent people insisted that the pharaohs curse wasn't; they argued that the mortality rates of people associated with the Tut Ankh Amon discovery and other finds were no higher than that of the general public. Dr. Gamal Mehrez, Director-General of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, disputed the curse of King Tut in an interview made several years after the discovery of Tut's tomb. "All my life," he said, "I have had to deal with pharaonic tombs and mummies. I am surely the best proof that it is all coincidence." Four weeks later he dropped dead of circulatory failure, as workers were moving Tut Ankh Amen's gold mask for transport to London.

For what it's worth, Lord Carnarvon's son, the sixth Earl of Carnarvon, accepts the pharaohs curse  at face value. Shortly after the fifth earl's burial, a woman claiming psychic powers appeared at Highclere Castle and warned the sixth earl, "Don't go near your father's grave! It will bring you bad luck!" The wary earl heeded her advice and never visited the grave. In 1977 he told an NBC interviewer that he "neither believed nor disbelieved" the curse of king Tutóbut added that he would "not accept a million pounds to enter the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon."

However Howard Carter believed in the power of the Atlantis ring.

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