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The remarkable Atlantis Ring emits powers on its own as long as the owner of the ring wears it close to the body. It will help to harmonize mind, body and soul and remove obstacles of the path to destiny for the owner. 

You can choose on which finger you like to wear it and here follow some of the functions and qualities that through times have been appointed and assigned to different fingers. However, it makes no difference for the working of the Atlantis Ring on which finger it is worn. 

Each finger is related to a different planet

Each finger is related to a different planet, according to some sources. Different qualities are described to each planet, and it may be of interest to read what I found about this. I have compiled some information out of researched transcripts of ancient secret magic lore. From sources like: Albertus Magnus and King Salomon, Aptolcater, Cornelius Agrippa and more.

Little Finger: 

The Little Finger is controlled by the planet Mercury.
It is the planet that gave the name to Wednesday, Mercredi in French.
It is under the sign of Gemini and Virgo.
The metals that belong to this planet are quicksilver, different alloys and especially electrum (silver-gold alloy). 
The color is purple.
Stones for this planet are amethyst, lodestone, agate, turquoise, sapphire and opal.
Works for this day are: familiars, all knowledge, and making gold.

Ring Finger: 

The Ring Finger is under the control of the Sun, The day that got its name is Sunday.
The signs are Leo, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, and Cancer.
The metal is gold.
The color is orange and yellow.
Stones for the Sun are: diamond, topaz, jacinth, sunstone and sardonyx.
Works on this day are: long life, wisdom, transmutation, and superlative honors

 Middle Finger: 

The Middle Finger is under control of the planet Saturn. Saturday got its name from it.
The sign is Aquarius.
The metal is lead.
The color is black.
Stones for this day are: Turquoise and garnet
Works of the day are: life, buildings, doctrines, and meditation.

Index Finger: 

The Index Finger is under the planet Jupiter. Thursday got its name from it, in French Jeudi. The Northern God Thor, equivalent to Jupiter, gave his name to the Germanic name for this day.
The sign is Sagittarius.
The metal is tin and the color azure. Stones for this planet are sapphire, lapis-lazuli, cornelian, turquoise, moonstone and pearl.
This planet is related to works of honors, treasures, riches, medicines and longevity.

Thumb Finger:

The Thumb is under the control of the planet Mars. Tuesday got its name from it, in French Mardi.
The sign is Scorpio. 
The color red.
Stones are ruby, emerald, jasper and topaz.
Works under this planet are: war, enmity, marriage and imprisonment

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