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Wedding rings make two souls One.

Wedding Rings | Atlantis Wedding Rings | Custom wedding rings|How rings are made.

We called it our -ONE SOUL- rings. That is because we make the wedding rings at the same time, from the same material and in the same mold.  This way the two wedding rings are actually ONE at the moment of their creation. 

Wedding bands, you see anywhere else, may be made also be cast, but you, the customer, will never know if the two rings are cast at the same time, in the same mold, or from the same batch of metal. We guarantee that our two rings, which are meant to join two souls, are cast simultaneously. In that sense, our way of making wedding rings is unique. We cast only two rings in the same mold.

This way our standard or unique custom design wedding rings are in principle one. They are actually made out of the same precious metal. After they are cast as one piece they are carefully cut free from the sprue and button and given each its individuality. These wedding rings are created at the same moment. These wedding rings are as identical, as twin, as they can ever be. They serve better than any other ring to join two soul.

Like attracts like, is an old truth.

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Standard Wedding Rings 

When worn as part of a pair, it symbolizes the bond two people share, the solid, enduring, endless bond that connects them even when they're apart. 

Because of the way we make them, our wedding rings are unique. Both rings are one piece of metal at the moment of their creation, and later when they are on the finger of a couple in love, they will always attract each other again. 

The Atlantis Wedding Rings 

Atlantis ring as Wedding Rings or Wedding BandWe will cast the two Atlantis wedding rings that are to be wedding bands the same way as out regular -One Soul- Wedding Rings. However they will have even the magically power of the unique Atlantis ring. To read more about it go to our home page.




Custom Designed Wedding Rings

your design and we will let you know if we can make your dream ring or band.

No other store or shop guarantees that your rings are made at the same time or of exactly the same metal. You can if you wish determine the time of creation of your wedding ring. After your personal wish, based upon your own astrological best moment, we will create it. It is standard for our workshop to create wedding rings when the moon is waxing towards its full potential. As of old, farmers sowed seeds at the beginning of the moon cycle, it is done since time memorial. To make seeds sprout and grow, the period of the waxing moon was always believed the best. The waning moon was for harvesting.

When worn as part of a pair, the rings symbolizes the bond two people share, the solid, enduring, endless bond that connects them even when they're apart.

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Special Wedding Rings to make two souls one



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