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Making Jewelry
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Cylinder mold in oven

The mold goes into the cold oven.




Oven heats up to 800+ degrees Celsius

The wax is completely burnt away at 800 degrees Celsius. Now you have a cavity in the mold in the shape the wax first was. Therefore we call this the lost-wax-casting method.




Preheating the crucible with the metal (gold or silver)

The crucible is the melting pot that we use to melt the metals, like gold, silver or a mixture. 




Melting the metal (gold or silver)

We apply heat from a mixture of propane and oxygen gas torch.  




Cylinder mold has cooled down to 600 degrees Celsius


The mold has cooled down to the casting temperature of 600 degrees Celsius and goes on the vacuum casting machine.




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