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 Gold 18K Wedding Ring

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Welcome to our order page. Please folow the few steps, this helps us to customize and personalize your product. Every product is uniquely HANDMADE and carefully formed. We take our time to make it just right for you. If you have any question you can always email or call us.
+1 305-600-4538

Atlantis Products

Choose which product you want. The ring or the bracelet.
Choose the size of the ring. Make sure you choose your either your measurement in USA, JAP, UK or EUR Standards. Or choose for CIRMM= Circumference in mm DIAMM= Diameter in mm.
CIRINCH - Circumference in Inches. DIAINCH = Diameter in Inches.
Choose in what material you want to have your Atlantis product made. Electrum is the most popular material and has the blended properties of gold and silver (Electrum is made with 50% gold 50% silver). It is our most balanced material.
  • Gold holds the purity of vibration, so it becomes a powerful resonating tool like crystal. The higher the karat the more resonating it becomes.
  • Silver is used to resonate that light, like in mythology a silver cross, eliminates evil.

We can make the 14K and 18K gold also in white and red.

Select if you want a standard of wide model. The wide models are better suitable for men and the standard are good for female. However the wide model is more like the orignal sandstone ring. The width of the wide ring is 7.5 mm the standard is 5.5 mm wide. For the bracelet it is 9 mm for the standard and 11 mm of the wide model.
Personalize your ring with an engraving. You can choose your name, date or any letter combination. It does not have any influence on the working of the ring
Wedding Set:
Please check if you want the rings to be casted at together as "One Soul Casting"
Select if you want to have your ring casted with the waxing of the moon. This can mean that we will only cast the ring during the two week that the moon is waxing. During this period the properties of the ring are enhanced due to the power of the moon.

This is what you have selected:
Product CodeMaterialStylePrice
AR-12KE-S-USA:012KES $350.00

Note: We are looking for an alternative for the pyramid ring box. Our supplier told us that the manufacturer doesnt make them anymore, so we are not able to include a pyramid box with your order. We regret this, but this is something we dont have control over. However we can assure you that the pyramid box does not add any additional features to the ring and is not needed to recharge the ring.