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First contact with the Atlantis ring

Knowledge of the Atlantis ring came to me around the year l990, when I was learning for gold smith at the French master goldsmith M. Robbe. Some French people knew about the ring and a model came in my hands, of which I made a casting for my self.

 I have had it ever since. In the last ten years, I have made quite a few of them always with the guarantee to the buyers: no good, money back. 

No good Money back

Two rings came back. One from a Yugoslavian lady who said she was a sorceress and did not feel any power from it, and needed the money for something else. The second from Ronny, a fisherman on the boat Pioneer. He had it hanging on a nail in the cockpit because he did not believe in it, fishing was bad and if I please could take it back so he could buy bait. The trip he took later landed him in a jail in Antigua as he was in forbidden waters, his fishing gear got confiscated and he had to pay a heavy fine to get his boat back. 

Experiences with the Atlantis Ring

The other  rings seem to have worked, as nobody ever complained. Then I got three stories from people who lost theirs and found it back. I always engrave the name of the customer inside the ring. 

  • First case was big Jack from the Surf Club South in Grand Case Saint Martin. He took of his ring to show it to friends at the open bar of Cha Cha Cha restaurant. It fell into the gravel on the floor and could not be found anymore. He asked me to make another. Some time later, two month almost, his ring was found back, 50 yards from where it was lost. The second ring I made him, he gave to his mother. 

  • Second case was Thierry, from whom I bought my first motorbike. A year after I sold him his Atlantis ring, I saw him, leg in a cast, on crutches. He told me he had lost his ring two days before he had an accident that broke his leg, and if he could have another ring made right away. He had lost my phone number, and was happy he ran into me. Month later I saw him walking normally, cured 100 percent and he told me that some time before, he took a young lady hitchhiking and saw an Atlantis ring on her finger. Asking if she knew me, she told him that her boyfriend had given her the ring around the time that he had lost his. Asked if there was engraved Thierry inside the ring she admitted it and gave him back his ring. 

  • Third case was John Smith (I am not kidding) from the sailing boat: the Mermaid of Cariacou. He was in love with a Norwegian girl and bought a ring for her, it was so small that he wore it halfway his pinky when he boarded a flight to Europe, to bring it to his lover. He made a stopover in Holland and after returning from a trip on a pushbike in the countryside he found the ring missing. Two days later, when he was about to continue his trip to Norway, a friend came in the house that had taken a rest under a tree on the way where he found Johns ring back.

If you have an Atlantis ring and you have some remarkable happening to report, please write or e-mail us. Like the lady who was reluctant to buy the Atlantis ring but called me the day after she got hers to tell me that in the casino that night she got 50 dollars chips at the cashier when she had given a 20 note to change. She took that for a sign that the ring worked. I cannot say that it is so, but I cannot deny it either.


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