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Mind and Power

With these books, you will easily and naturally : Dominate others. Hammer home your point. Magnetically attract women. Irresistibly persuade men. Transmit powerful thought vibrations. Incite incredible rapport. Seduce minds. Create any emotional state. Master any situation. Stop... and ask yourself, What would it be like to wield such power? Advanced applied psychology made simple. For men and women. Don't forget to order the Atlantis Ring to make you feel great, powerful and protected. It will enhance your personal radiation. Click here to read more

  • TRIUMPH in tough negotiations using formidable verbal SNEAK ATTACKS... even if you have nothing substantial to say.
  • GAIN instant RESPECT and ADMIRATION with power methods of body language, subtle gestures and a SECRET power gaze with the eyes.
  • Don Juan melted women with this technique.
  • MESMERIZE the opposite SEX with a devastating SENSUAL assault on their emotions.
  • Learn breakthrough methods of AROUSING any feeling in a snap!
  • OVERWHELM all rejection like a slippery acrobat.
  • Counter criticism and use it to YOUR advantage.
  • WIN FRIENDS from anyone on the street.. melt ice queens and grumpy cops. Instantly.
  • Enhance your verbal, and mental dexterity to CUTTING-EDGE levels.
  • Debate like a PRO.
  • Speak like a politician!
  • Irresistibly SELL any IDEA within minutes!
  • Make people think it was their very DESIRE...all within seconds!
  • Now... be the most influential person in your social circle!
  • Take command without effort... and ALL else shall FOLLOW YOU.
Psychic Seduction ebook:advanced ki control techniques,  psychic seduction and mind power techniques to attract women,

Basic influence strategies

Easily unleash irresistible attraction within anyone... using PURE MIND POWER! It isn't NLP or speed seduction. It's subtle psychic influence over the emotional centers of the brain. Learn how to induce interest... control and fan the flames of attraction with your will alone... inflame others with amazing fascination. Psychic Seduction melds the worlds of science and the occult, ranging from modern brainwave states, neurolinguistic anchoring and chakra/aura manipulation. Psychic Seduction is uni-sex, applicable to any situation and extremely powerful! Attract women. Dominate Men. We have over 1000 active practitioners and they call it an indomitable form of psychic pheromones! Note: This book is strictly for informational use only. Some methods discussed may be deemed coercive and unethical. Observe discretion. Click here to order now

Applied NLP ebook: irresistible persuasion techniques, NLP and personality development

Telepathic mind techniques Chi projection

What would it be like to instantly tantalize the minds of others? The power to influence is naturally one of the most vital skills to succeed in life. Interpersonal communication takes place everyday, and if you cannot get others to see your point, then you place yourself at a great disadvantage. This book teaches verbal and non-verbal strategies to reveal breakthrough secrets of indomitable influence . Unleash your fullest potential-- instantly command the attention, respect and love of others! Once you begin to absorb this rare knowledge, you'll naturally discover how easily it works for you. Learn to be utterly irresistible. Click here to order now

Magnetic Attraction ebook: secrets of behavioral chemistry to attract women

Romantic chemistry enhanced with NLP and NLS

Discover the Seven Power Principles of Chemistry which instantly enable you to provoke states of enthrallment. The Seven Power Principles draw from an impressive array of behavioral and esoteric mind techniques proven in the study of emotional stimulation. Incite fascination in the minds of anyone by inducing a sense of incredible rapport. Stop... and realize the unparalleled potential... choose from techniques such as the Alpha Gaze, Thought Radiance, and Trancing. Ideal for all social purposes. Learn magical rapport for romantic escapades! Click here to order now

NLP,neurolinguistic programming techniques,persuasion techniques,self-improvement methods

Supreme verbal dexterity Advanced persuasion methodologies

Lethal Tongue reveals breakthrough verbal acrobatics. With it, you master the art of irresistible hypnotic speech, allowing you to instantly invoke any emotional state at will. Your listeners will fall in rapt attention and rapidly carry out your suggestions as if it were there own. The Lethal Tongue technique demolishes resistance like a bulldozer, inflames intense receptivity, and maximizes your persuasive power. Thrice as powerful as Ph.D of Persuasion. Best for interpersonal and sales scenarios. Get anyone to do anything, anytime! Click here to order now

Now, for a limited time, YOU WILL unleash all these formidable techniques for the special bundle price of US$66.95! That's LESS than the PRICE of a regular dinner! For ALL FOUR BOOKS! A little secret: We used to offer each manual at $US63.95. That's adds to a total of $255.80. Even at that price, it's practically FREE! Click here to order now



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