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Email: 24th May 2004

Hello Alexander,

My name is Jose O. I am a 25 year old police officer in Miami FL.

I am writing you today to share a story about my Atlantis ring. About 4 years ago I met a wonderful lady from Honduras who had great healing powers and practice massage/aroma therapy. She had the gift of communicating with my guardian angels and helped me in cleansing my chakras. It it was a unexplainable feeling of peace and harmony I felt that day. Unfortunately she was on an expired visa and was forced to leave the country according to her neighbors I later discovered. Before she left she recommended I purchase an Atlantean ring. She explained to me how the mystical ring would protect me from evil and negative vibrations especially in my type of work (she knew I was in the process of becoming a police officer without me even saying a word)

I bought the ring from her and immediate felt a tingling/vibration on my hand. I had never taken it off since until I made a big mistake. About 1 1/2 ago I was stressed out about work and personal problems and was not happy. I began to question my ring and if it was even helping me at all. I then began to speak to my guardian angels. Before going to bed I told my angels I was going to leave my ring at home tomorrow and wasn’t going to take it to work, I then asked if this ring is going to help me then please give me a sign that I will undoubtedly know it is from not wearing my ring. The next afternoon on my way to work I was involved in a car accident. I am a safe driver and have not been in to many accidents especially me being at fault. Luckily no one was injured but I immediately began to laugh. I thanked my guarding angels for the sign as I got the message!!!! I have worn my ring ever since then. I just would like to thank you for doing what you do. I understand that not everyone believes in guardian angles but one thing is certain no matter what you believe in (this ring does protect)



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