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What means Karat or Carat?  (Gold and precious stones)

Carat is the word for a unit of weight for measuring the weight of precious stones; Karat is the pureness of gold. Every piece of jewelry that contains gold needs to have a stamp or mark showing its Karat.  

 Table of gold content in jewelry.
Karat Thousandth Percentage or Pure Gold
8K Gold 333  33.33%
10K Gold 417  41.7%
14K Gold 585  58.3%
16K Gold 666 66.66%
18K Gold 750 75%
20K Gold 832 83.2%
22K Gold 917 91.7%
24K Gold 1000 100%

  • Copper - Reddens the alloy
  • Silver - Greens the alloy
  • Zinc - Gives a bleached appearance to the alloy
  • Nickel - Whitens the alloy
  • Palladium - Whitens the Alloy

If you opt for a gold band, you will need to consider how many Karat the gold should be. A Karat is the unit of measure for the fineness of gold, equal to 1/24 part. Pure gold is 24 Karat; gold that is 75% pure is 18 Karat. Gold of 14 Karat means 58.5 % pure gold and the remaining 42.5 % a mixture of silver and copper. This is a mixture to best retain the yellow color of pure gold, or it can be to make the gold look red, or green. A band of pure gold will be too soft to last a lifetime, alloying with other metals hardens it. The purest gold recommended for jewellery is 22 Karat, it has a deep yellow and somewhat dull shine.

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