Test Results of the E.A. Voll measurements

The Atlantis Ring are strongly harmonizing on the tested acupuncture points

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Some customer had done some test with the Atlantis Ring. This is a letter we received (translated from Dutch to English) :

Dear Sir,
I would like you to know that the rings you sent me are very beautiful, but especially very active.
I am next to being a dentist many years working as electro-acupuncturist after the system of Dr. Voll whereby one can test the results from classical as well as alternative remedies on acupuncture points on hands and feet.
When a working (result) is changed a change follows directly in the skin resistance at the level of the test points.
I can confirm you and all other buyers of your rings that they work strongly harmonizing on the tested acupuncture points.
These got directly better with skin contact of the ring with the test person.
Therefore I have ordered another ring, this time in Elektrum, as I am curious to see if it will work better than the silver one I got.

Best regards,
Jos (name withheld for (Belgian) legal reasons)