Orginal Atlantis Ring

The orginal Atlantis Ring - make sure you get the Orginal one!

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May 20: Letter received from customer: Beautiful!!! We received the rings last week and we just love them. read more

May 12: Letter received from customer: "I ordered the atlantis ring about two weeks ago and I received it on Friday 5 of May, 2006. I must say that this ring is extremely poweful. The very moment I put it on I could feel the cleansing effects. From the first night I went to bed and every night after words I have been having a lot of clairvoyant dreams. read more..."

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The Atlantis ring is hand made. The Atlantis ring creates a protective shield that gives us human beings, physical protection. It is like a good luck charm, a talisman, or amulet. Each ring is carefully casted during the waxing of the moon. After the casting is with care shaped to its final form. There are many copies of the Atlantis ring. Be aware of all the imitations. They don't have the same power as the orginal Atlantis Ring. We have spend a lot of time and effort in research. The Atlantis ring is more the 20 years being produced by us and we have many customers who can testify that our designs work and others NOT. Don't take our word for it, but check the emails received from our customers. Read more...

...I have seen numerous sites selling the atlantis ring but yours is the best because you choose to have the ring made during the waxing of the moon which I also feel is very important for the ultimate good vibes of the ring...

The ring is only molded certain periods of the month, when the moon is rising. This to ensure the ultimate good vibes of the ring.

The ring can be made in 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K Gold or Sterling Silver. It can also be made in the special alloy Electrum (50% gold and 50% silver)

You also can pay by Western Union . Please for details.

Atlantis ring seen from the front

Please specify the size of the ring. To measure the size of your ring you can do the following: free ring sizer




Atlantis ring seen from the front