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When one studies the mystery of these "sanctuaries", and tries to understand their invisible protection, one can not do without at least an allusion to what may be called the "case"of Tut Ankh Amon: many who violated his tomb (with the exception of one), were "punished". It all seemed, as if the protection of the sanctuary, even at a distance of 3500 years, operated with awesome efficiency.

Of course this superstitious explanation caused rationalists to smile. To them, the death of 18 persons, so said "victims" of the curse of the Pharaoh, was something completely natural, it was pure coincidence that these 18 people died prematurely and under strange circumstances.

Whenever reason triumphs over superstition it is cause for rejoicing. However, without wanting to cause any controversy over this subject, it seems interesting to me to allow the reader the opportunity to decide for himself. A brief chronological recapitulation of the events, which no one can deny, will allow the reader to draw his own personal conclusions.

On 25 November 1922, two Englishmen, Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter discovered the tomb of a Pharaoh of the XVIII dynasty Tut Ankh Amon. This tomb contained "the most fabulous archaeological treasure of all time."

At the entrance of the tomb was the following inscription:

"Death’s wings will touch who ever touches the pharaoh."

It would take ten years before all the rooms of the mausoleum would be opened and the totality of its treasures removed. But, even before the end of the work, the massacre began.

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